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You came here for a reason

You listened to your inner knowing

That innate wisdom you hold deep inside you from lifetimes upon lifetimes nudging you and telling you NOW is the time! Your spiritual guides left “breadcrumbs” upon your path and brought you here at this exact time as you feel YOU are ready now to know more about yourself – that true authentic YOU!

You may be asking the BIG questions like most of my clients (you can see their testimonials here):

“I know I am here on a mission but WHAT IS MY SOUL MISSION?”

“I have done so much healing work on myself over the years but I still feel I HAVE BLOCKS HOLDING ME BACK”

Who is guiding me, what are my real TRUE SOUL GIFTS and how can I use them to help people?”

“I am getting these amazing insights and downloads I WANT TO KNOW MORE!”

“How can I help humanity move to our 5D NEW EARTH with ease and Joy – WHAT IS MY ROLE IN THE ASCENSION PROCESS?”

I will help you get answers to your burning questions that you have deep within your heart.

If you are wondering who I am. My name is Trasa. I am from the beautiful sacred island of Ireland. True to my Irish style I like to keep things REAL, AUTHENTIC AND FRIENDLY with a dash of sense of humour thrown in. You can get a feel for my energy on my YouTube channel

I am an intuitive (from an early age) and a Fully Qualified Fixed Star Astrologer and Akashic Record Reader. I have helped people from all over world who come to me to gain insights into their burning questions (such as the above) also asking “WHY AM I HERE?” “WHAT IS MY TRUE SOUL PURPOSE?” “WHERE DID I COME FROM?” My main aim is to help YOU answer these profound questions and truly tap into YOUR Inner Gifts.

The first part of your reading (you can book it here) I will be accessing your Akashic Records to enable me to DIG DEEP and find out the most relevant information that your soul needs to hear at this time. The next part of your report I focus on your natal and fixed star astrology. This is a snapshot of the stars at the exact time and date that you were born. It has been used in Mystery Schools. The Essenes named it their Star Chart. Once you make your booking here. I will contact you confirming your details and setting up a convenient time/date for our live zoom call. I will record the call and will SEND YOU ON THE AUDIO AS WELL AS YOUR DIGITAL REPORT afterwards. Many of my clients like to read/listen to it again. You may receive more insights/downloads afterwards as many do!

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Galactic Astrology

Galactic Astrology | Akashic Reading

Discover where you come and what your Multi Dimensional gifts are that transform your life.

“Know Thy Self” – Socrates

Astrology and Ascension News

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Busy your mind with the concepts of Harmony, Health, Peace and good will, and wonders will happen in your life”

– Joseph Murphy

” We should all build up in consciousness a picture of peace, harmony and beauty and some day it will push itself into visibility ”

~Florence Scovel Shinn