Creating more harmony in the world

Hello There

I’m Trasa. I’m from the sacred island of Ireland.

Below is a video snippet I did for a client with a powerful Galactic Centre alignment:

I am claircognizant from a very young age I’ve always had that deep “inner knowing” about things. I had a deep thirst for sacred knowledge and devoured every metaphysical book I could lay my hands on.

Through travelling to Egypt and living in Greece and Scotland I developed a deep understanding of sacred ancient cultures. Eventually I moved back to Ireland having a renewed appreciation for our beautiful country and it’s people. My heart was always here. I missed my people and our sacred land

Throughout life I’ve been very ‘lucky’ in that I was always able to manifest things so easily – I never knew I had this ability until I saw my life in a larger picture. My mind was blown! There has been so many situations that my Guides from the highest Angelic Realm have always assisted and helped me with throughout my life. Even in situations where I needed help they were ALWAYS there for me.

My Mother was a BIG believer in Angels and passed this belief to us. After she passed over we (my family) would think of her and would always find a white feather or a robin would appear. She told me some of the most amazing things about how the universe was formed and the Angelic Realm when she was in and out of consciousness on her last days here. Powerful!

I tell you all of this as you are a spiritual being having chosen to play your part here on Earth at this most important time in Earth’s Ascension process

You may have been following the “breadcrumbs” that have being left for you on your path. Through your curiosity and deep desire to “know thyself” it has brought you here and for that I am deep grateful to be part of your spiritual journey.

You may be asking:

Why am I here? 

What is my main purpose/mission in this life? 

What is holding me back? 

What are my true inner gifts?

Where did I come from? 

Did you know that you came in here with your own Divine blueprint? I am a Qualified Fixed Star Astrologer and Akashic Record Reader. I spend hours researching your Birth and Galactic Chart and accessing your Akashic records with your permission and focusing on your intention. I can help you answer the above questions that you have in your heart.

I work with the Angelic Realm, The Tuatha  Danann (The people of the Goddess Danu and Ireland’s Greatest Tribe) and The Galactic’s

You can book your reading here:

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We are only here for a short time let’s live it in a way that fulfils us and brings harmony into our lives and the lives of others.

Wishing you many blessings,

Trasa x

“To keep the body in good health is a duty, otherwise we shall not be able to keep our mind strong & clear.”

– Buddha