Did you know that babies are stimulated by classical music in the womb?

Recent studies have shown that children exposed to classical music in the womb exhibit a positive change in physical and mental development after birth.

I played The Best of Classical Music when I was pregnant with my twins. It was incredibly relaxing.

Every morning we have our own little routine. I would play The Best of Classical Music while I was changing/washing/feeding/playing with them. It’s lovely for them


My little nephew asked my sister “Mama can you play that music that relaxes my body” (Mozart) how amazing is that and at such a young age too

Researchers at the Institut Marquès played music to 300 babies in the womb, all between 18 and 38 weeks of gestation. After playing the babies 15 different songs from three different music genres, the researchers studied the movements of their mouth and tongues.

Of the other classical pieces tested, Bach’s Solo BWV1030 caused tongue movement in 87 per cent of foetuses, while Prokofiev’s Peter and the Wolf saw tongue movement in 88 per cent.

“Music is a form of ancestral communication between humans, the communication through sounds, gestures and dances preceded the spoken language,” explains Dr. Marisa López-Teijón, the director of Institut Marquès.

For those of you who know about the frequency of music and how healing it is will know the benefits of  432 Hz solfeggio (earth frequency). Generally, this solfeggio frequency has been proven to be a healing frequency since it reduces anxiety, lowers the heart rate, and blood pressure

To this day I still play this High Vibration Music for my babies it’s a gift