What people are saying…

“Connecting with Trasa was none other than divine. The Galactic Soul Reading she did is the exact guidance I needed to be in highest alignment with my best steps forward in this lifetime for my greatest good. Many details from my session were a confirmation of other work that has been done & assisted me with coming to a much clearer understanding of myself, my direction, and how I can best fulfil my soul’s mission. Trasa, you are a treasure and I wish you many blessings.
~ Kati,
Florida, USA”

“Hi Trasa,

I was drawn to your website and am eternally grateful that I was. The galactic soul reading I got from you was “spot on”. I was quite specific in the area I wanted the reading to focus on and was blown away by the amount of and level of information you gave me. Everything you told me resonated strongly and I can’t thank you enough for the clarity and the guidance.
I regularly refer the reading. Yesterday I read the entire reading again and when I finished the word that came to me was “inspirational” so your website name is perfect and absolutely reflects you, an inspirational goddess.
Love and Light

“Hi Trasa,

I’m simply blown away by the information you shared with me. Although there are aspects of it that are lost on me (chart placements etc) the meaning you have put on them has hugely resonated with me on a very deep level.

My journey through life has been so turbulent and often downright impossible (there was a time I didn’t think I’d make it tbh). This reading reflected directly the guidance I have personally received over the years in terms of my soul’s mission and the gifts I am to share with others. I love that you touched on every vision I was shown for my mission as it gives me great peace to know I’m not just pestered by an overactive imagination!

The label of being crazy was slapped on me when I developed multiple chemical sensitivity and so I am now extremely careful where I share my wisdom and truth. Reading this report confirms I now need to move past this wound and share my wisdom.

Your account of my shadow side are so accurate I’m laughing – I know you don’t know me well enough to be able put it together on observation! You are so right on the money and it’s exactly where my attention has been guided to as I heal my shadow self & denied aspects. All tendencies listed are most definitely aspects I’ve been working through and now i will drill down even deeper on it thanks to your firm nudge

There isn’t a thing I disagree with Trasa! I enjoyed every min of our call and I am beyond grateful for all the time and effort you have put into it. Something tells me that this is your rocket I will be sharing your details with everyone who needs the guidance

Wow, wow, wow ….

Lots of gratitude and love to you Trasa and wishing you all the best on this exciting journey

Ciara xxx – Ireland”

“Hi Trasa

That was a glorious reading. Really fantastic and you distilled the info so beautifully. Thank you for spending the time to research and deliver the info with such care and insight. I know I’ll be referring to it for some time.

I deeply appreciate your help with this reading and am very satisfied. Many blessings to you and your family! I’ll follow up probably in a few months. I enjoyed meeting you too

Best, Anna – USA”

“Hi Trasa,

Thank you so much. I found the Quantum Soul Guidance Chart very insightful and it aligned perfectly with the healing work that I have already undertaken. The report was so detailed and covered so many facets and aspects. I loved the information about the Soul colour. I didn’t expect the report to cover so many areas and to have the beautiful images. I was very interested in the information about the houses, as it’s an area I had absolutely no prior knowledge of. I was blown away by the information about the Blueprint Originator for Earth. This was completely new information for me. The tendencies that I need to leave behind were 100% accurate. The report definitely reflected my intention and thank you for guiding me to focus on the future and to return to Love and to the amazing Soul that I am – the energy that I came here to embody on Earth.

Much gratitude,

Caroline xxx – Ireland”

“Hi Trasa,

I’m absolutely blown away! Listening to you reading the report to me you’re absolutely on

the ball, you’re lovely to listen to too. Omg keep going in what you’re doing,

I’m just buzzing I really am and seriously thank you so much.

Onwards and upwards for you, I’ll be telling everybody about you.

Keep going and thank you thank you thank you so

much from the bottom of my heart. Big virtual hug

Fiona – Ireland”

“Hi Trasa.

Thank you so much for a most enlightening session! I really enjoyed going through my report. Your energy just lights the whole thing up even further. There was so much to take in, it is a little overwhelming. But so exciting at the same time! I want to know everything now! And move on with the plan (whatever that is! ) I’m ready. I’ve been through the wars, literally, in many dimensions obviously, and I do feel a strength from within me that has only become evident to me over the past 2 years. Now I guess it’s the time to start harnessing that strength and put it to good use. So bring it on, I’m ready Whatever lies ahead I know we can work through it, with peace and love, and our world will be unified once again. Sure there’s no other way. We’ve a mighty team on the case

I slept the best sleep in a long time last night! 7 hours. And I’ve been connecting to AA Gabriel, asking for the guidance I need. And also calling in St. Brigid, on her special day today. Nice to have all the support I need, and always there for us

Elizabeth – Ireland”

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