The Galactic Center: 

I recently uploaded a short video about a client who has The Galactic Centre conjunct and VERY prominent in her chart. You can watch it here:


    • The Galactic Centre is a supermassive black hole located in the heart of our Milky Way Galaxy.  It emits powerful plasma – philip sedgwick has done a HUGE amount of research on these cosmic points – highly recommend checking out his website 
    • The James Webb telescope from Nasa has gathered incredible images of it as it managed to penetrate the dusty veil, revealing The Galactic Centre:
  • In your own natal chart check where 27degrees of Sagittarius lies – check the house as this is the area it will be playing out in your life and the sign – both are significant 
  • The Galactic Centre transits on 19th December 2023 (Northern Hemisphere) 
    • What I have found from working on my clients charts is that everyone wants to know is how it applies to them in this life in a practical sense
    • Those who have it conjunct in their chart usually receive Divinely inspired information and insights from the Galactic Center and needs to be documented. When these insights are downloaded you will feel a tingle at the top of your head or all over your body. Honour this and do something with the information you receive – document it. This energy applies to anyone willing to listen 
    • Remember 19th December 2023 transit is – great time to connect to it (but you can connect anytime) 
    • Looking at my client chart her Neptune was Conjunct The Galactic Center (0.46 orb) = She’s a very Ancient and Wise Soul and this was validated after reading her whole chart. Because it was in in her 1st house of identity, personality she really does personify this energy 
    • It’s playing a huge role in my client life in the form of Higher Mind Thinking and connecting to the Divine Within her
    • What she was guided to do in this life will have an impact on the wider collective. When I did her first report she told me she had a vision in her mediation that she was standing in a large crowd of people giving a talk – so she’s already seeing it in her visions
    • As the GC is conjunct her Neptune she could tap into Higher Guidance  even from an early age
    • She receives downloads easily and feels ahead of her time especially in her thinking, ideas and concepts of truth. 
    • She has a deep knowing that she is here to do something of importance. I’ve mentioned to her that It’s very important to document her insights. 
    • According to Philip Sedgwick he said that “If you go back to the insights and ideas that others shunned during the last six months to a year, you’ll find hidden gold consciousness nuggets and It’s as simple as readdressing a previous idea” so document everything you receiv
  • Another connection she has is Her North Node (activation of her life’s mission) is connected with the Galactic Centre; She is helping to clear collective karma around the human connection to source. we are ALL connected to source (we NEVER lose that connection)
  • When I mentioned this to my client she said YES!! She is helping people reconnect to source Anyone she finds that there is a blockage in their higher heart wall when it’s cleared it’s like a clearer connection – the work that she does, she said it’s like “the connection is cleansed, strengthened, illuminated, redefined, a better connection, a higher internet connection. She said “It’s like I’m reconnecting people back one person at a time. Amazing!!
  • She really does fully embrace unity-oneness consciousness especially in this polarised society and said “no matter what your beliefs are, no matter what your thought forms are we are ALL ONE”
  • Her North Node is in Gemini, so she had past lives as a philosopher having studied metaphysical subjects and those of higher consciousness and she entered this life with much wisdom. 
  • But in this life she needs to bring all that “higher mind wisdom” down to reality and put pen to paper. This ties in nicely with her deep connection to the Galactic Center and the downloads she receives – she is a messenger….and what is amazing about this is Her sister got her a voice recorder for her birthday and put a note in there to say “to make that book easier for you to write” Absolutely Mind Blowing

I hope this story has inspired you as much as it has for me.

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